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LinkedIn opens video uploads to all as part of a bigger video push

Twitter hashtags are 10 years old

YouTube 'made wrong call' on Syria videos

Hulu will soon merge its two iOS apps into one

Jerry Seinfeld's first Netflix comedy special debuts next month

New Godzilla movie promises a radically different direction for the original kaiju

Woman: My Uber driver went wrong way, I said something, he pushed me out

Wreckage of U.S.S. Indianapolis, Lost for 72 Years, Is Found in the Pacific

Hate crimes: Online abuse 'as serious as face-to-face'

Dating app aims to boost Russian voter turnout

'Snapchat race' driver killed friend in Aberystwyth crash

Facebook’s evolutionary search for crashing software bugs

Comcast tries using Roku to hook college kids on cable

Teens favoring Snapchat and Instagram over Facebook, says eMarketer

Chatbot apps help users prepare for death

WhatsApp borrows Facebook's colorful status updates

Eclipse overshadows everything else on Twitter

Facebook’s Safety Check feature gets its own dedicated button, can be accessed anytime

On Technology: How Hate Groups Forced Online Platforms to Reveal Their True Nature

Delta video chat gives you whole new way to complain

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