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Facebook's latest acquisition is all about fighting video piracy

Vacation home pricing engine Beyond Pricing picks up a startup for nearby comparisons

Nielsen counts live Hulu and YouTube TV streams for its ratings

Facebook boosts live 360 video to 4K for better VR

Is This the Woman Who Will Save Uber?

Facebook Chatbots Teaches Itself to become a good negotiator

'Partner' Didi Chuxing is freezing Uber out of Southeast Asia

Spotify and Warner are ready to make a deal on music royalties

Uber rival Grab to nab $2.5 billion to fuel its expansion

Netflix was the top grossing app in Q2, with mobile revenue up 233% since last year

George RR Martin finally gives 'Game of Thrones' book update

Amazon’s chat fiction app Rapids ties up with Amazon Studios with launch of ‘Signature Stories’

A Twitter joke gave rise to a truly original soccer game

Zuckerberg fires up the Zuckergrill live on Facebook

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