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Alternative facts alert: Proposed legislation bans “fake news”

NBC to finally show Olympics live on West Coast, because Twitter

As Criticism Of 'Electronics Ban' Mounts, Airlines Hone Their Twitter Marketing Skills

'Serial' team's seven-episode podcast is ready for binging

Facebook launches Snapchat-style Stories with new in-app camera feature

Google's Duo chat app expands beyond video calls

​Hillary Clinton calls out gender inequality in Silicon Valley

Stories are the new News Feed

Chat apps: A lot of politics at play

The music video that changes each time you click play

Facebook looks inward for new AI technical talent

Facebook Messenger now lets you privately share your Live Location for an hour

Facebook officially launches “Town Hall” for contacting government reps, adds local election reminders

Uber to pull out of Denmark

Twitter introduces pre-roll ads to Periscope videos

Tinder Online is a new web version of the dating app

Facebook launches stories to complete its all-out assault on Snapchat

Facebook adds nearly everything Snapchat does to its main app

How The Government Perversely Encourages Physical Over Human Capital

TechCrunch decides: The best and worst emoji of Unicode 10.0

Activists want to know why feds are searching more devices at the border

Social media shade flies over United Airlines' dress code

Facebook launches Town Hall to make finding lawmakers easier

Comcast could chase cord-cutters with 'Xfinity Instant TV'

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