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YouTube Is Demonetizing Small Channels, And That's A Good Thing

Airbnb purges thousands of San Francisco listings overnight

Instagram just added a new feature you might want to turn off — here's how

Facebook taps Jada Pinkett Smith for new talk show series

Snap announces more layoffs amid content struggles

Facebook won’t retreat from Stories as it adds desktop posting

Facebook diversifies board with American Express CEO

Spotify's revamped podcasts will include more photos and video

Facebook adds its first African American board member

WhatsApp officially launches its app for businesses in select markets

Twitch challenges YouTube with new video producer tools, Disney partnership

“Free TV” box lawyer says video industry is “digging its own grave”

Slack trials private shared channels, adds admin controls

Facebook adds livestream features to old videos

YouTube singer Chrissy Chambers wins revenge porn case

Tech We’re Using: How Technology Is (and Isn’t) Changing Our Reading Habits

Instagram is testing a text-based 'Type' feature for Stories

Giphy builds transparent GIF library for Instagram Stories

Disruptions: Is the Answer to Phone Addiction a Worse Phone?'s Alexa skill is giving people bad dating advice

How tech giants plan to keep fake news out of 2018 election

Facebook watch party turns video into a group experience

Facebook to continue its probe into Russian meddling on Brexit

DoorDash's delivery drivers will take restaurant leftovers to food banks

Fitbit Coach arrives on your TV with new Windows 10 and Xbox One apps

Op-Ed Contributor: Facebook Doesn’t Like What It Sees When It Looks in the Mirror

Facebook teams up with 'True Blood' creators for new series

Why I'm Rethinking My Investment in Facebook (And the Future of Social Media)

Watching live TV can be hard, Amazon wants to make it easier

Facebook vows to simplify Messenger in 2018

Uber to introduce limit on drivers' hours

Just Eat offers £10 after unwanted texts

WhatsApp reportedly testing anti-chain letter spam warning

YouTube implements stricter requirements for partners

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