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Security News

A wormable code-execution bug has lurked in Samba for 7 years. Patch now!

Tech Tip: Erasing Your Android Tracks

Russian postal service 'hit by WannaCry' denies exploiting users' DNA

TSA testing ramped-up gadget screening at 10 US airports

'Thousands' of known bugs found in pacemaker code

A major investment company is taking bitcoin very seriously

Cloak & Dagger is a newly-discovered Android exploit that lets hackers hide malicious activity

Egypt blocks Al Jazeera and other sites for 'supporting terrorism'

ACLU demands an end to Vermont DMV facial recognition

TSA may ask you to unpack tablets and cluttered carry-on bags

Cloudflare gets another $50,000 to fight “new breed of patent troll”

1Password adds a travel mode to frustrate snooping customs agents

New technology uses the way you walk as a password

​Christian Slater is on a boat to make HP cybersecurity sexy

​Researchers find 'smoking gun' in VW emissions cheat code

Federal Court Revives Wikimedia’s Challenge to N.S.A. Surveillance

Target to Pay $18.5 Million to 47 States in Security Breach Settlement

Former NSA chief weighs in on cybersecurity, cyberespionage at ZertoCon

Comcast accused of trying to censor anti-Comcast site

Graco Recalls Car Seats Over Webbing Safety Concerns

Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner tricked by photo, contact lens

Breaking down the FCC's proposal to destroy net neutrality

Robot police officer goes on duty in Dubai

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