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Science News

New paper makes the case that Mars is dry

Decades later, Vietnam vets may be silently fighting cancer-causing parasite

Simple visual processing exercise is the first intervention to limit dementia

Adopt a whole family of ice-age mammoths

DARPA is engineering plants to act as biohazard sensors

Algae-based nanobots could diagnose you from the inside

Trilobites: ‘Crazy Jigsaw Puzzles’ Improve Our Views of Coral Reefs

Losing Darkness: Satellite Data Shows Global Light Pollution On the Rise

The Mars InSight lander is on track to launch in May

A new law gives Air Force some wiggle room in picking its new rockets

Mosquito-spreading drone to fight diseases

This man is about to launch himself in his homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat

NASA shows off Mars rover tires that bounce back into shape

Drugs that switch your brain into squirrel-mode may save you from a stroke

MIT's DIY muon detector sniffs out cosmic particles

Before Peter Thiel invested, research on herpes vaccine began in US hotel rooms

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