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Hardware News

Intel shows off a mysterious and attractive black Surface Book

Fujitsu quits phone business, report says

Royal Mail's new electric vans unveiled

Alexa’s mood-matching music suggestions come to the UK

MIT makes it easy for beginners to design robots

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro – Perfect for the School and Play.

Dell Inspiron 3650

New wearable tracker can transmit vital signs from a soft, tiny package

Sony owes Xperia owners a refund over faulty water resistance

A special Nokia 8 may be heading to the US and China

HP's Omen X is a monstrous, customizable gaming laptop

Both the Amazon Echo and Google Home are under £100 right now

Pepper's new job is performing Buddhist funeral ceremonies

Watch the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked 2017 live stream right here

What white supremacists teach us about online dating

Fixed-wing drone lands on vertical surfaces like a bug

China relaunches world's fastest train

Linksys’ new router puts your gaming needs before everyone else’s

HP Omen X Laptop

Killer robots are coming, and Elon Musk is worried

Essential Phone vs iPhone 7 Plus

Liveblog: The Galaxy Note 8 launches August 23 at 11am ET

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