Cloud Storage

Most of us are using Cloud Storage in one form or another these days. As we see in Cloud Office Suites, when we create documents in Google's Drive, or Microsoft's SkyDrive, or Apple's iCloud, we're actually storing them in the Cloud.

There are dozens of Cloud Storage vendors out there, for everything from individuals to enterprise-level businesses. In fact, with many of them, the difference is simply in how much data (files) you want to store (and how much you're willing to pay...). We'll talk about some of the manual storage systems here; if you're interested in automated backups (and you should be!), check out Automated Cloud Backup.

Familiar Names

You already know some of the names of online storage vendors: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox - these are all familiar to you. Each of them offers an online storage solution, and, indeed, you can use all of them simultaneously if you like.

We all know how important backups are. Offsite backups are equally important. If you lose your laptop, and you have another copy of all your files at home, that's great. But if you're in another city (or country!) for a presentation, that doesn't do you much good.

Backing you documents up to the Internet, however, means that no matter where on Earth you are, you can get at them. That's handy for individuals, and a must for corporations.

The big thing about online storage is cost. In general, it doesn't cost all that much, but many of us worry about overbuying. Don't. You'll find that there are any number of places that will give you decent pricing, and the peace of mind is worth a few bucks. Think of is as the computer equivalent of insurance. You don't buy it because you like it; you buy it because when you need it, you really need it! Many online storage vendors give you a certain amount for free. If you manage your data carefully (only backing up the important things that you need to back up - i.e. documents that you created), many individuals can get away with the free storage most vendors offer. Businesses, of course, need more. But that's just one more cost of doing business. It's an ROI (Return On Investment) decision, just like any other.

Automated Backups

We're human. Automated is better than relying on your memory. Check out Automated Cloud Backup!

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