Cloud Servers

There's nothing mysterious about Cloud Servers; they're just regular servers that live on the Internet. Whether you create your own private cloud in your own data center, buy space on someone else's servers, or build your own in something like Amazon Web Services or Linode, they're just regular servers out on the Internet doing the same job they'd be doing in your back room or offsite data center. The mysterious part is getting them up, running, and connected to your company. Oh, and let's not forget secured. Secured is important!

Get a Guru

The easiest way to get cloud servers up and running is to hire a person who already knows how to do it. There are lots of people who can set up and maintain cloud-based servers on a Windows or Linux or Apple platform for you; don't make yourself crazy. Believe me, getting your cloud servers set up quickly, efficiently, and painlessly is worth it. Having it maintained that way is worth even more.

If you're a big enough organization that you're looking to build that sort of expertise in-house, fine. But still hire someone to do the initial setup, who can jump start both your servers and your personnel, which will save time, money, and effort in the long run.


Get good documentation. A professional knows that documentation is the heart of any project. Good documentation saves time, effort, and money. Make sure the person you hire creates clear, concise, easy-to-follow documentation. If they leave for any reason, the next person you hire needs to get up to speed as fast and as deeply as possible. It's good documentation that makes that happen.

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