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Running your business in the Cloud may seem like an alien concept, but, really, it's becoming more and more the norm. Some businesses run entirely in the Cloud (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and many have a heavy Cloud component (Google, Amazon). In fact, for companies like Google, their non-Cloud components (Chromebooks, phones, tablets) really just give people more ways to get to their Cloud business.

Running a Business in the Cloud

What does it take to run a business in the Cloud? Basically, it just means that the major components of your business are virtual, not physical. For example, there's a company called ShiftAlertz. They specialize in workschedule notification. Companies sign up via the Web. Managers create and change schedules via the Web. They send employees their schedules to their phones. No physical components at all (well, other than the manager's computer to get to the Web and the employees' phones, I guess). Intuit has a fully on-line version of Turbo Tax; no physical components - you do everything over the Web. If you buy an ebook from Google Play or Barnes & Noble or Amazon, it all happens over the Web until it hits your ebook reader (again, a hardware device whose sole purpose is the facilitate the cloud business).


It seems like there isn't a single business anywhere that doesn't have some sort of Internet component, even if it's just a Web site. But more and more startups are entirely Internet-based. We're seeing that, more and more, the engine of innovation in America is shifting from hardware to the Internet.

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