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Facebook aims to crack down on pirated videos

Security - 30 stories
Bits Blog: Security Blogger May Have New Lead in Ashley Madison Hacking

Some routers vulnerable to remote hacking

BitTorrent patches flaw that could amplify distributed denial-of-service attacks

Google calls European Union antitrust charges 'unfounded'

Does it matter that many men on Ashley Madison probably never cheated? Big-time

Ashley Madison hack changing lives

More than 80% of healthcare IT leaders say their systems have been compromised

Is this the Ashley Madison hacker?

Online criminals attacking Australians on the rise: FireEye report

Piracy prevention vs. policing: Industry debates piracy code, website blocking

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Microsoft - 17 stories
A Gamer's Review Of Windows 10

Worried About Windows 10 Phoning Home With Personal Data? Shut Down What You Share

Microsoft to deliver Windows 10's business update service in stages

Windows 10: How is it really doing so far?

New app solves Windows 10's failure to hide the taskbar in Tablet Mode

Microsoft's Biggest Hits And Flops

Windows 10: 75 Million Downloads And Counting

​Microsoft unveils $37 internet-connected Nokia 222 with two-megapixel camera

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Slows Down Preview Program Acceptance Rate

Windows 10 Shortcuts: That Windows Key Does More Than You Think

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Hardware - 45 stories
Images of next-generation Microsoft smartphones leak online

Honor 7 Review: Impressive $300 Samsung Galaxy S6 Rival

Alienware Launches Three New Gaming Laptops

Sennheiser unveils magical mystery marble something

Is too much Zen a bad thing? Asus CEO says up to 7 ZenFones in the works

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 pricing, availability announced

Apple Patents Earbuds With Noise-Canceling Sensor Smarts

The iPhone 6 Gets Wireless Charging With Skiva's EnergySkin

Lenovo leans on Motorola team to handle smartphone development

​Take two: Ex-Apple CEO launches 'Designed in San Francisco' Obi phones

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Google - 14 stories
Chrome muzzles auto-play audio

Google rejects EU anti-trust accusations

Amazon Underground aims to make Android apps and games 'actually free'

​Google reopens Map Maker in 51 countries, adds 'regional lead' moderators

Google's container management service exits beta, gets uptime guarantee

Contrary To Reports, Android Pay Not Launching This Week

Amazon Strikes Back at Google with 'Underground' App Store

Google says will release update for Calendar to auto create reminders from Gmail

YouTube Gaming site ready for launch

Google Brings Map Maker to More Countries, Files Patent to Track Potholes

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Apple - 12 stories
The Biggest Changes In iOS 9

Apple sold 3.6M smartwatches in Q2

Apple Pay For Everyone! PayAnywhere Mobile Reader Hits Apple Stores in September

The Next iPhone May Come With Animated Wallpapers

Siri gets snarky when you ask about the Sept. 9 iPhone event

Shrunken version of iPhone 6 reportedly won't be coming this year

Apple to introduce next iPhone Sept. 9

Portal Lets You Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Thumbdrive

Apple Loses ‘Swipe To Unlock’ Patent In German Court

iPhone 6S Leak Reveals Crucial Upgrade

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Social - 28 stories
Social media 'must rethink autoplay'

NFL’s Twitter Video Deal Came And Its Deal With Facebook Went

Will gaming breathe life into live-streaming YouTube?

Instagram is finally giving the people what they want

Instagram photos seem too square? It's allowing multiple sizes now

Facebook's Website Now Has Photo Filters And Stickers

Uber driver accused of sexual assault in China

Direct Messenger Is An Unofficial Twitter DM App

Co-Founder Garrett Camp Buys Back Majority Share In StumbleUpon

Drawing the line on acceptable use of cell phones in public

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Miscellany - 39 stories
Woman gets cash for gadget allergy

SoundCloud to be sued over royalties

iPhone owners eat more healthily than Android owners, study says

Untangling the Mysteries of Personal Technology

The Art of the Out-of-Office Reply

The abandoned mine that's being transformed into a datacenter

Super-intelligent machines spawned by A.I.? Execs aren't worried

Tinder for cats? The Tale Of A Start-up Founder Who Found Inner Peace By Launching An App For Fun

Why We Can No Longer Rely Only On Schools And Companies For Professional And Personal Development

Government recruiting tech jobs for Digital Transformation Office

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