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DHS seeks to ask foreign visitors their social media accounts

Security - 20 stories
Why the UK's vote to leave the EU will have little effect on its data protection rules

FBI’s use of Tor exploit is like peering through “broken blinds”

Lenovo patches two high-severity flaws in PC support tool

Apple's differential privacy algorithm will require you to opt-in

Russia set to pass bill requiring ISPs to eavesdrop on customer data

White House warns Congress not to kill net neutrality and cable box rules

Man beats murder rap because DNA expert illegally testified via Skype

Why Russian hackers were likely behind the DNC breach

Facial recognition systems stumble when confronted with million-face database

U.S. court rules that FBI can hack into a computer without a warrant

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Microsoft - 7 stories
Roku's new universal Windows 10 app avoids Windows Phones

Microsoft Launches Tap-To-Pay for Windows Phone

How Microsoft Predicted The Smartphone's Future

Microsoft: Government's data gag order practices worse than first thought

Microsoft Is Putting The Pressure On Sony And The PS4

Microsoft's gift for PC builders: associate Windows 10 licenses with your Microsoft ID

Microsoft invokes Supreme Court opinion to bolster email privacy case against U.S.

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Hardware - 27 stories
A Raspberry Pi 3 competitor will boast an SSD storage slot

Oculus Removes Controversial Headset Check DRM, Potentially Changing Exclusivity Stance [Update]

Driverless Cars Should Kill Passengers To Save Lives

Seagate targets storage for drones and robots

Controversial $4 smartphone to start shipping next week

Microsoft's hi-tech mosquito trap and other tech news

Samsung selling dual-camera modules to Xiaomi, says report

GM shares fuel cell research to US Navy to develop unmanned undersea vehicles

BlackBerry results paint a bleak future for its phones

The struggle to adapt storytelling for virtual reality

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Google - 13 stories
Live streaming comes to YouTube app

'Make YouTube Great Again' CEO Wojcicki: 'I Hear You'

Google uses VR to bring Pride to living rooms, mobile screens

Android Circuit: Samsung 'Confirms Galaxy Note 7', New Edge Design Leaks, iPhone 's Android Wear

Huawei hedges bet on Google’s Android, plans in-house OS

“Godless” apps, some found in Google Play, root 90% of Android phones

YouTube ready to put live streaming in the palm of your hand

Chrome OS is getting a much-needed storage manager

Google connects Netflix to Android TV's universal search

Google creates VR montage of Pride parades around the world

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Apple - 13 stories
Apple starts test run of Safari 10

SanDisk iXpand Memory Case can increase your iPhone's storage

Apple Loop: iPhone 8 'Confirmed', iPhone 7 Leak Reveals U-Turn, iOS 10 Secret Features

Apple Investor Weekly: Brexit Impact, India Update And Get Cash With Apple Pay

iPhone 7 will get a larger camera, according to spy shot

Strategies: Buybacks by Companies Like Apple May Signal Danger, Not Growth

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra: Networking for the modern Internet

The world isn’t ready for only wireless headphones, Apple

Apple discontinuing Thunderbolt Display

Apple eyeing touch controls to extend the power of the stylus

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Social - 18 stories
Twitter quietly launches tags to location feeds with Foursquare

Facebook hires Google Fiber co-founder Kevin Lo

Storyboard helps you turn mobile photos into digital stories and books

People are Facebook Live-ing the House sit-in too, Zuckerberg points out

Facebook Live grows up with two-person broadcasts and waiting rooms for viewers

House sit-in shows the power and potential of livestreaming

American Express teams up with Facebook to offer Amex Bot

You'll Never Guess How Many Calls Are Made On WhatsApp Each Day

Roku puts your laptop in control of movie night

YouNow goes beyond the live stream by letting you share interesting moments

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Miscellany - 27 stories
This Is What Negativity Does To Your Immune System, And It's Not Pretty

Brexit: The tech world reacts to UK's withdrawal from EU

Celebrate 20 years of 'Quake' with a brand new game episode

Here’s how many calories you may burn standing at work versus sitting, strolling

'Smartphone Blindness,' And Other Health Hazards Of Our Favorite Gadgets

What Engineers Learn When They Work On A Product That Fails Miserably

What I Learned When McDonald's Turned Me Down For A Job -- Twice

Oracle will give cloud users first dibs on its next big database update

Supreme Court sends off patent troll that challenged review rules with an 8-0 slapdown

CBS and Paramount release 'Star Trek' fan film guidelines

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