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Chip Cards Are Still Frustrating And Confusing People

Security - 25 stories
Piracy fighters battle Kodi 'epidemic'

A Yahoo insider believes the hackers could really have stolen over 1 billion accounts

Did attackers take down Newsweek because of an anti-Trump story?

Hackers targeted voter registration systems in 20 states

Firefox blocks websites with vulnerable encryption keys

Ransomware spreads through weak remote desktop credentials

Avast CEO on why it’s just spent $1.4BN to absorb security rival AVG

Bounty for iOS jailbreak exploit jumps to $1.5 million

You sent how much?!

Bits: Daily Report: When Artificial Intelligence Goes to the Dark Side

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Microsoft - 12 stories
16 useful Windows 10 tools that help you get more done

Could Cortana 2.0 be a chatbot? Microsoft's new AI chief hasn't ruled it out

Microsoft combines Cortana, Bing, with Microsoft Research to accelerate new features

Microsoft morphs Office 365 UI into Windows 10 Start menu look-a-like

Is my Windows PC 32-bit or 64-bit? Why it matters

A new Microsoft tool shows how Win 10 might affect devices

21 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts

How the Universal Windows Platform briefly let an N64 emulator sneak onto the Xbox One [Updated]

Microsoft Azure networking is speeding up, thanks to custom hardware

Vladimir Putin Says Goodbye to Microsoft Outlook, Clippy May Be Next

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Hardware - 41 stories
Surface desktop keyboard discovery hints at inbound Surface all-in-one

Microsoft's HoloLens Mixed Reality Headset Gets a Lift in New York

Samsung Patent Hints At iPhone-Like Optical Zoom Camera

Start-up creates iPhone 7 analog headphone adapter, charger

Xbox boss talks Project Scorpio price, suggests it may not be above $600

The United Nations is turning VR into a tool for social change

Replacement Note7s pose no safety concerns, Samsung says

Tech Tip: A Health Checkup for Your Laptop Battery

The Waylens Horizon is a dashcam for the driving enthusiast

AMD, Zen Processor might power the upcoming Apple MacBook Pro

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Google - 24 stories
Luna Launcher turns your Android phone into a kid-friendly device

More than 400 malicious apps infiltrate Google Play

Google Maps will show where your next Calendar appointment is

What to expect to see from Google's October 4th event

Android malware that can infiltrate corporate networks is spreading

Google expands Waze ridesharing to all in San Francisco

Tracking Google’s 10/4 event: Everything from Google I/O is finally ready

Pokemon Go hit 50x traffic target, putting Google to the test

Google rebrands Apps for Work as G Suite, adds intelligent features

Google will shore up one of its biggest cloud weaknesses next year

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Apple - 18 stories
iPhone 7 Plus Explodes

Japan's noisy iPhone problem

See Apple's huge new auditorium before it's buried forever

Man walks into Apple store, smashes every iPhone he can find

Apple Loop: New iPhone 8 Leaks, iPhone 7 Plus Camera Defeated, Fixing The Broken iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus Now Takes '3D' Photos With iOS App

App Smart: More Fun on Your Wrist With New Apps for the Apple Watch

What? iPhone 8 is next year? Be we just got iPhone 7 though.

Another Frivolous Acquisition By Apple CEO Tim Cook ?

Apple moving UK HQ to site famed for Pink Floyd, 'Doctor Who'

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Social - 32 stories
Amazon to spend $2.5M on university competition to build “socialbot”

First Amendment Protects 'Instapundit' Professor But He May Quit Twitter Anyway

The first Chevy Bolt EV you see might be your Lyft ride

New On Netflix: 'Luke Cage' Leads Packed New Week Of Shows

Facebook at Work launching Oct. 10

Facebook “Messenger Day” is the chat app’s new Snapchat Stories clone

Twitch to start offering a virtual currency

WhatsApp’s privacy U-turn on sharing data with Facebook draws more heat in Europe

Amazon reveals Twitch’s first currency, gambling systems

Shazam is finally profitable after a billion downloads

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Science - 34 stories
Scientists Just Discovered a Major New Source of Carbon Emissions

Planets Outside Of Our Solar System

Getting Real About Getting To Mars

NASA Continues Its Search For Dark Matter [Infographic]

Graphene Nanoribbons Combined With Common Polymer Can Bridge Damaged Neurons

Hurricane Matthew Is Now An 'Extremely Dangerous' Category Four; U.S. Impacts Still Uncertain

Martian Materials Might Be Used To Fly Us Back To Earth

The United Nations Is Launching A Space Mission

World's Deepest Underwater Cave Discovered in Czech Republic, Researchers Say | The Weather Channel

Even Deep Sea Organisms Are Eating Plastic Trash

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Miscellany - 28 stories
AOL’s new Alto mail client lets you take action from your inbox

White House to data scientists: We need you

AT&T to end targeted ads program, give all users lowest available price

You can now use an iPhone to log into a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft says

Yahoo open-sources machine learning porn filter

Samsung in 'exploding washing machines' probe

Doctors: E-health records raise costs, don’t help patient outcomes

Google, Facebook and other tech titans form 'Partnership on AI'

Europol report reveals rise in child sex abuse online

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft team up to pacify fears about AI

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