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What you should know about the iPhone 6's 'Touch Disease' (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 52)

Security - 39 stories
Privacy Shield data transfer agreement now shelters 200 companies

Privacy groups call foul on WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook

Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' has been pirated 750,000 times

Untangling the NSA's latest alleged embarrassment

Trading in stock of medical device paused after hackers team with short seller

FBI-owned serves up porn and sex ads

Inside 'Pegasus,' the impossible-to-detect software that hacks your iPhone

Congressman to FCC: Fix phone network flaw that allows eavesdropping

Got big data? Check out these 100 best practices for keeping it secure

BMW will soon turn your 5 Series into a surveillance device

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Microsoft - 8 stories
Microsoft announces new resources to reduce hate speech

How to stop OneNote from inserting web source links automatically

Microsoft Tells Surface Pro 3 'Battery-Gate' Victims A Fix Is Coming

How to remove your login password from Windows 10

Microsoft Excel blamed for gene study errors

Windows 10's Quick Assist lets you fix Dad's computer from your desk

Microsoft goes after VMware with free(ish) Windows licenses for Hyper-V converts

Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard takes on Google with integrated GIF and Bing search

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Hardware - 25 stories
Stop fretting about the Note 7's performance

How will driverless cars make life or death choices? Google exec admits he doesn't know

VW aims for an EV that goes 300 miles on a 15-minute charge

Baidu's all-electric self-driving car is a modified Chery EQ

Stretching the limit of silicon nanowires for next-generation electronics

Alexa, meet Iris: Amazon Echo now controls Lowe's smart hub

The Most Cost-Effective Hybrid Cars

Cheap Gas Means Few Hybrids Make Financial Sense

Intel pushes 3D NAND to inexpensive SSDs

Shooting in 360: From GoPro rigs to immersive iPhone cameras (Open_Tab)

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Google - 15 stories
AT&T explains why it sometimes delays Google Fiber access to poles

Google Hiring Airbnb Executive Is Latest Step Toward Starting Self-Driving Car Business

Android Circuit: Galaxy Note 7 Love And Hate, Microsoft's Sneaky Strategy, Android Beats iPhone

Google Wallet introduces automatic transfers

Google's rivals in self-driving cars may force it into hard choice

Google's Fiber rollout isn't going as planned

Alphabet is putting serious pressure on Google Fiber to cut costs

Google begins posting Nexus images for the Android 7.0 Nougat update [Updated]

Google is killing off the Device Assist app on Nexus handsets

Opera's free VPN app expands to Android

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Apple - 15 stories
iOS 9.3.5 patches up big holes

Ahead Of iPhone 7 Launch, Report Claims Labor Conditions Are Getting Worse At Key Apple Supplier In China

Apple's Service Business Is Shining, But There Are Risks

Apple Loop: iPhone 7 Launch On September 9th 'Confirmed', Dangerous iOS Flaws, New iPhone 7 Images

US sends nastygram to European Union over alleged Apple tax dodging

Apple may be working on a Snapchat-like video app for 2017

Your iPhone 6 could be falling victim to 'touch disease'

Apple may be too late to make a big social impact

What If Apple's Next Big Announcement Was About Customer Experience, Not A New iPhone?

Five Important Lessons From A Trip To The Apple Store

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Social - 33 stories
Twitter is working on a keyword tool to combat harassment

Here's Why Facebook Fired The Team Behind Trending Topics: It's Another Case Of Human vs Machine Intelligence

New On Netflix: More Than 50 New Shows And Movies This Week

AT&T signs up HBO for its DirecTV Now streaming service

How well does Facebook know your politics?

Facebook changes Trending Topics after criticism

Broadcast your Blizzard games right now via Facebook Live

Is Spotify punishing artists who cozy up to Apple Music?

Social Media Is Not The Death Of Meaningful Communication

How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media

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Science - 35 stories
Mind-controlled nanobots release drugs inside cockroaches

Obama creates largest ocean reserve, takes heat for new federal decrees

Probe set for science pass of Jupiter

SpaceX's biggest rival is developing “space trucks” to ferry cargo in an orbital economy

Should America Be The First To Use Nuclear Weapons, Again?

FDA recommends that all donated blood be tested for Zika

This Device Sprays On Your Own Stem Cells To Heal Wounds Faster

The Public Access Weekly: Everyday robots

GIFs show how we'd all survive Mars without Matt Damon

How A Harvard Doctor's Sordid Murder Launched Modern Forensic Anthropology

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Miscellany - 21 stories
Open Blog: Putting {Style} into the Online New York Times Stylebook

G.E., the 124-Year-Old Software Start-Up

John Ellenby, Visionary Who Helped Create Early Laptop, Dies at 75

Tech giants pledge to close the gender pay gap

Ford's app lets you find and pay for garage parking

Stormtrooper who bonked head in original Star Wars movie has died

AT&T doesn’t want to repay money it got from alleged overcharges

No, software engineers aren't the highest paid employees in tech

Just drop some sarcasm? Your computer might pick it up soon

The Surprising Truth About Who Will Buy Your Company

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