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FCC admits mobile internet is a poor broadband replacement

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Security - 26 stories
Chrissy Chambers: Revenge porn almost killed me

Mozilla mandates that new Firefox features rely on encrypted connections

Apple and Google Are Rerouting Employee Buses After Series of Alleged Attacks

NSA surveillance programs renewed by Senate

Meltdown and Spectre FAQ: How the critical CPU flaws affect PCs and Macs

Lebanese hackers stole a ton of data then left it on an open server

Meltdown and Spectre: Good news for AMD users, (more) bad news for Intel

See a lifeguard drone help rescue two young swimmers

Belgium 'abduction': Woman uses phone map to provide her location

How to protect your PC from the major Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws

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Microsoft - 8 stories
Office for Mac now shares a codebase with Windows, gets real-time collaboration

Microsoft AI can draw objects based on detailed text descriptions

Microsoft patches its earlier Meltdown patch for AMD PCs, allowing them to boot

Microsoft taps 'Minecraft' leader to run its game studios

Tech Tip: See Everything That Starts Up With Windows 7

The Windows 10 control panel modernization continues: Fonts get some love

Microsoft may be working on a new Xbox Elite controller

Microsoft's mystifying Meltdown/Spectre patches for AMD processors

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Hardware - 24 stories
Here's why your next wireless speaker will listen to your every word

Dealmaster: Get a (refurbished) Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa for $30

Here’s why you can’t buy a high-end graphics card at Best Buy

Oculus Start aims to lessen the burden on aspiring VR developers

Global Health: ‘Smart Thermometers’ Track Flu Season in Real Time

Smart mirrors, smart mirrors at CES, which ones did we like the best?

'Awesome' Nokia phone or home device launching Feb. 25

Intel's new cameras add human-like 3D vision to any machine

Crazy kaiju-robot antics only hint at Nintendo Labo's true potential

Wirecutter's best deals: It's a good day for fitness and outdoors gear

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Google - 20 stories
Project Fi’s “Bill Protection” works out to an $80 “unlimited” plan

People using Google's viral app that compares your face to art are complaining that it has an ugly flaw

Google's secret OS that may someday replace Android was just caught on video

Google CEO Sundar Pichai: Coding alone can't save us from the skills gap

Google’s Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook: It works! It actually works!

Google may be bringing its handy Smart Replies to Gboard

Google will consider load times in mobile search rankings

YouTube yanks videos showing dangerous 'Tide Pod challenge'

Google Sells A.I. for Building A.I. (Novices Welcome)

The Very Good Reason Why You Can't Get That Google Art-Selfie App in Illinois or Texas

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Apple - 21 stories
Xfinity Mobile now works with your unlocked iPhone

This Samsung patent could solve the iPhone X's notch problem

BMW's Apple CarPlay annual fee is next-level gouging

Facebook Messenger bug caused the app to freeze on some iPhones (updated)

Apple will fix the 'chaiOS' text message bug next week

Apple rejects net neutrality testing app, says it offers “no benefits to users”

Malicious Link Texted to Mac and iOS Devices Can Cause Freezes and Resprings [Updated]

Apple, Capitalizing on New Tax Law, Plans to Bring Billions in Cash Back to U.S.

Tim Cook: People didn't pay attention to iPhone battery update

State of the Art: It’s Time for Apple to Build a Less Addictive iPhone

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Social - 34 stories
Snap announces more layoffs amid content struggles

Spotify's revamped podcasts will include more photos and video

Instagram just added a new feature you might want to turn off — here's how

Facebook diversifies board with American Express CEO

Airbnb purges thousands of San Francisco listings overnight

WhatsApp officially launches its app for businesses in select markets

Twitch challenges YouTube with new video producer tools, Disney partnership

Facebook taps Jada Pinkett Smith for new talk show series

YouTube Is Demonetizing Small Channels, And That's A Good Thing

Facebook won’t retreat from Stories as it adds desktop posting

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Science - 23 stories
Newly spotted asteroid slips by Earth and nearby satellites

'Science Fair' shows the challenges teens face in Intel's competition

Meteorite hunter finds 3 rocks from Michigan meteor in Hamburg Township

Nuclear reactors the size of wastebaskets could power our Martian settlements

Russia now looking to sell its prized rocket engines to China

Peeved by price gouging and shortages, hospitals will now make their own drugs

NASA's Jeanette Epps won't be joining the space station as its first African-American crew member this year

Atlas 5 team scrubs launch to study troublesome valve

This is what happens to you if you take the Tide Pod Challenge

First human CRISPR study in the US could begin soon

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Miscellany - 25 stories
Uber's former CEO said to cash in at $1.4B in Softbank deal

No, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t buy a giant yacht

When Trading in Bitcoin, Keep the Tax Man in Mind

Amazon Chooses 20 Finalists for Second Headquarters

Layoffs strike as Firefox's Mozilla reworks Asian operations

IBM returns to growth after six years, but dour forecast hits shares

Tech Tip: Take a Time Travel Trip With Dropbox and Word Files

BT guarantees broadband speeds for two new services

Kitty Perry and the copyright lessons for seven-year-olds

Redbox says Disney lawsuit is a baseless attempt to stamp out rivals

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