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Apple's Reported iPhone Update Might Have Hit a Rough Patch

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Security - 15 stories
How Marketers Can Help Protect Their Firms From a Cybersecurity Attack

US Navy cracks down on sharing of intimate photographs

Researchers claim China trying to hack South Korea missile defense efforts

As US prepares to gut net neutrality rules, Canada strengthens them

This Apple Phishing Site Is As Sneaky As They Come

Steve Ballmer's US data trove isn't the first, but may be the best

Turns out, pacemaker security is terrifying

>10,000 Windows computers may be infected by advanced NSA backdoor

Trump's cybersecurity plan is officially late

Which Galaxy S8 unlock option is the most secure?

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Microsoft - 6 stories
Earnings Preview: What To Expect From Microsoft On Thursday

Microsoft Is Dropping Passwords...And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Surface Pro 5 Rumors

Leaked Microsoft document confirms Windows 10 Cloud and a Chromebook competitor

Microsoft has a plan to beat Chromebooks at their own game

How to create a single-column Start menu in the Windows 10 Creators Update

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Hardware - 19 stories
Find Out How Master & Dynamic Built A Luxury Speaker From Concrete

Here's how the headphones that come with Samsung's Galaxy S8 compare to Apple's EarPods

Before You Buy: The Samsung Galaxy S8, Such A Valiant Effort

Ben Heck's super glue gun: Gears, Arduinos and motor drivers

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung grabs the smartphone design crown

'The Last Goodbye' is the VR Holocaust memorial we need today

The smartphone is eventually going to die — this is Mark Zuckerberg's crazy vision for what comes next

Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Monstrously Expensive To Produce

Waymo Wants Uber's Self-Driving Car Chief Off The Program In Google Tech Case

LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL: Which one's better?

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Google - 6 stories
Today's Earth Day Google Doodle reminds us to take care of the best planet in the Solar System

10 Useful Chrome New Tab Extensions To Keep You Inspired

Google And Samsung Aim To Make Sweet Music On The Galaxy S8 And S8+

Android Circuit: New Galaxy S8 Reviews, Samsung Note 8 Leaks, Hidden Secrets Inside The S8 Plus

Google Earth’s New Voyager Tool Aims to Feed Our Wanderlust

Crunch Report | Google Home Gets More Personal

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Apple - 12 stories
Apple is getting serious about self-driving cars

What happened when the Apple I team got together?

Someone rendered that leaked iPhone 8 design, and it looks even worse than we thought

Earth Day Apple Watch Challenge: Apple's Cool iPhone and Apple Watch Features

Patent-holding company uses ex-Nokia patents to sue Apple, phone carriers

Apple nabs two of Google's top satellite executives

Apple's self-driving car program detailed in DMV training doc

Apple's AR smart glasses could be in the works

Apple Loop: New iPhone 7S Leaks, $1000 iPhone 8 Returns, Apple Needs Samsung's Curved Screen

Will a rear Touch ID sensor stop you from upgrading to the iPhone 8? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 81)

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Social - 18 stories
YouTube will fight fake news by offering workshops to teens

Europe may harmonize how internet companies fight hate speech

YouTube fixes Restricted Mode issue censoring LGBTQ+ videos

How to make Twitter profitable

Earth Day means the world to Twitter, even Groot and Iron Man

Twitch opens up its money-making tools to tens of thousands of non-Partnered channels

Starbucks Unicorn frappuccino jokes pour out on Twitter

Michael Kors taps your Instagram feed to beautify your smartwatch

The X-Files will be back for another 10 episodes in 2017 and 2018

Facebook Briefly Suspends Account of Outspoken Chinese Billionaire

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Science - 28 stories
I went to the March for Science and the signs are troubling

Britain has its first day of coal-free power in 135 years

Artificially bright clouds might save the Great Barrier Reef

DNA Tests, and Sometimes Surprising Results

Replica Brain Reveals Advanced Communication In Fossil Human Ancestor

Study claims a link between diet sodas and stroke and dementia

China proves its first resupply spacecraft can reach orbit

Nerds with words: Signs from Silicon Valley March for Science

On Earth Day, Who'd Want To Be Called Earth-Like?

“Science Keeps America Great,” and the March for Science reminded us

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Miscellany - 25 stories
Why Having A Trust Strategy Is Key To The Future Of FinTech

“Radioactive Boy Scout” regularly visited by FBI for a decade, father says

IBM Should Buy Some Damn Revenue

How Dish Network could shake up your wireless service

American Airlines video shows flight attendant losing it

Three apologises after network problems

The Difference Between TED Talks And 'TED-Like' Presentations

Target swaps its shopping carts for Mario Karts

Why You Do Not Want To Own IBM

Adidas will sell more shoes partially made with ocean trash

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