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The Strong Museum opens a DICE Awards exhibit

Security - 13 stories
Review of anti-terror bulk data powers

The Pirate Bay sails back to its .org domain

Apple rehires security expert to keep its encryption strong

Home Secretary submits to review of bulk surveillance powers

No winners possible in Net neutrality legal battle, says ex-FCC chief

A recently patched Flash Player exploit is being used in widespread attacks

Japan ATM heist reportedly involved 100 people who stole $12.7 million

Beware of keystroke loggers disguised as USB phone chargers, FBI warns

Geek Squad employee allegedly searched PCs for the FBI

Hackers Steal $2 Million From Bitcoin Exchange In Hong Kong, Bounty Offered To Recover Funds

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Microsoft - 16 stories
Tech Tip: Locating a Lost Windows Device

Microsoft U-turn on "nasty trick" pop-up

Microsoft kills off another chunk of its smartphone activities

How to manage Windows 10's People app

From bad to worse: The sad reality about Windows Phones

Microsoft dials back Windows 10 upgrades to 2X a year

Microsoft Monday: Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt Revamped, Xbox Live Price Increase, Halo 5 Forge For PC

New Windows 10 Upgrades Have A Nasty Surprise

Microsoft Awards First Grants to Help Expand Global Internet Access

Windows Phone market share falls below one percent

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Hardware - 29 stories
Pebble’s Core is a tiny Android computer that tracks runs and plays Spotify

FenSens turns the average license plate holder into a parking sensor array

Fujitsu is developing a robot that can judge gymnastics for Tokyo's 2020 Olympics

Pilot Bluetooth earpiece crowdfunds the dream of universal, instant language translation

A smart toothbrush just won Intel's maker-themed reality show

VR the champions: Queen legend Brian May has made a rival to Google Cardboard

Study reveals only 1 in 6 drivers want fully-autonomous vehicles

Paul McCartney adopts VR so your grandparents don't have to

SteelSeries ships its OLED-packing gaming mouse

Oculus anti-piracy update cracked

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Google - 17 stories
Google makes big changes to its ad products

Google says welcome to the Cloud 2.0

Google stops selling the Nexus Player

Samsung denies giving up on Android Wear for smartwatches

Google's Schmidt admits he has an iPhone (and the battery's not so good)

TripAdvisor is offering two free months of Google Play Music

Tech Tip: Going Wide With Google Camera

Google-Oracle Android copyright fight goes to the jury

What It Was Like Going A Week Without YouTube

Google wants to kill off passwords for logging into your Android smartphone

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Apple - 5 stories
Foxconn replaces '60,000 with robots'

Apple Smart Speaker Coming Soon As Siri SDK Will Be Available To Developers: Amazon Echo In The Crosshairs?

''Delayed'' MacBook Pro 2016 to be thinner (says bored analyst)

Tim Cook admits ‘prices are high’ for iPhones in India

The iPhone 7 might be doubling up on speakers

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Social - 27 stories
Bits: Facebook Controversy Is Still Trending

Netflix and Amazon face 20% European content quotas in Europe

WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging app on Android, says report

Netflix comes full circle, creates virtual video store

Is Exclusivity In Streaming Music Going To Start Seriously Hurting Spotify?

Twitter says goodbye to all '.@'

Toyota is investing in Uber

Facebook's plan to disrupt cellular gets big-name support

Twitter relaxes 140-character limit, just a bit

Instagram’s code hints at option to pay to boost posts

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Miscellany - 34 stories
AT&T’s data caps impose harshest punishments on DSL users

Now Huawei sues Samsung on patents -- break out the popcorn

A Look Back On The Futuristic 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' Technology That Is Now A Reality

There will soon be Keurig-like pods for pot

Swallow this: I made a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster for Towel Day

Don't panic! 'Hitchhiker's Guide' tech jumps off the page into reality

Comixology launches 'unlimited' subscription service, creators unpleasantly surprised

AT&T U-Verse Broadband Customers Now Face Monthly Data Caps

AT&T's prepaid GoPhone plans get 1GB of extra data

Silicon Valley Billionaire Is Funding Hulk Hogan's Lawsuits Against Gawker

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