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Dangerous Galaxy Note 7 broke basic engineering rules, says damning new report

Security - 9 stories
Seattle 'thief' caught by remote car door lock

Credit card numbers guessed in 'seconds'

Russia claims it foiled a cyber attack from a foreign spy service

A Powerful App Is Helping Survivors Fight Sexual Assault On Campuses Everywhere

Hackers Targeted Russian Central Bank In $45 Million Heist

There’s a new DDoS army, and it could soon rival record-setting Mirai

Bits: Daily Report: Malware Damages Aviation Systems in Saudi Arabia

Remote management app exposes millions of Android users to hacking

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Microsoft - 7 stories
Microsoft May Launch Surface Phone To Boost Revenues

How to reinstall Windows 10 without any bloatware

Pros and cons: Our verdict on the new Surface Book

Microsoft expands its accessibility efforts on Windows 10

Set your alarm: Microsoft's '12 days of deals' starts really early Monday

Report: Microsoft's Home Hub will chase Amazon's Alexa and Echo as a software service

Microsoft hopes your Windows PC can replace an Amazon Echo

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Hardware - 19 stories
Lose your laptop at Newark Airport? Join the club

At Nissan, Cars Are Delivered By Driverless LEAFs

Are smartwatches winding down?

Robot aircraft take to British skies

The Surface Pro 5 might be the Windows 10 MacBook Pro alternative you were looking for

Oculus Touch review: the Oculus Rift is finally complete

Industrial Analytics Based On Internet Of Things Will Revolutionize Manufacturing

Panasonic's OLED-fighting LCD is meant for professionals

Razer Blade Review: The Ferocious Hidden Power That Trumps The MacBook Pro

Six amazing all-electric motorcycles

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Google - 6 stories
Google and Elon Musk open their AI platforms to researchers

Google's new Trusted Contacts app puts safety first

Android Pay helps Brits keep track of their Tube spending

Andriod 7.1.1 (Nougat) Latest News and Update: Firmware Rolling Out For Android One, Pixel, And Nexus

8 reasons why Google's Pixel is better than the iPhone

Google has developed Deep Learning Algorithm to detect Diabetic Eye Disease

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Apple - 9 stories
Apple signals interest in self-driving software

Apple's car letter: What's it driving at?

Apple needs to hire some teens to help with its social media strategy

Would you buy a foldable Apple iPhone today? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 65)

Random iPhone 6S shutdowns due to faulty battery component, Apple says

Copy and paste trick could unlock iOS 10 devices in Lost Mode

Tech Tip: The Built-In Accessibility Features of iOS

When the Genius Bar can't help

Apple 'Lacks Courage' For Innovation, Says Analyst (But Wait A Minute)

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Social - 19 stories
US tech giants not acting fast enough on hate speech, EU charges

'Luke Cage' gets renewed for a second season by Netflix

Uber Bets on Artificial Intelligence With Acquisition and New Lab

Eight Social Apps Designed To Improve The Quality Of Life For You And Your Community

Airbnb drops legal fight with NYC over new rental law

EU to tech industry: Remove hate speech faster or we'll make you

IBMVoice: Upping Their Game: A Glimpse At The Next-Generation In-Stadium Fan Experience

Memes that need to die along with 2016

Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: More Debate Over Facebook’s Role in Media

Airbnb drops its lawsuit against New York

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Science - 16 stories
Climate change could explain Mars' imposing topography

Fluid that protects your brain could blind astronauts

Scientists confirm twisty fusion device's odd magnetic fields

Brains can recover some 'lost' memories

Decades of attempts show how hard it is to land on Mars – here's how we plan to succeed in 2021

A Weird New Property Of Water Points To Big Possibilities

Space lettuce is now officially on the ISS menu

Tech billionaires award $25 million in Breakthrough prizes to top scientists

ESA will fund ExoMars 2020 despite Schiaparelli's demise

ICYMI: Crowdsourcing the space poop problem

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Miscellany - 14 stories
Supreme Court Takes Up Small Business' Patent Case Against Lexmark

Amazon Go is a grocery store with no checkout lines

Top 5 Ancient And Medieval Foods To Make This Holiday Season

The Strategy Behind Amazon's Aggressive Serverless Push

Ads Show Up on Breitbart and Brands Blame Technology

What interns and new grads really get paid at top tech companies

Stephen Hawking says technology will devastate the middle class

Mozilla's revenue jumps 28% in first full year of Yahoo search deal

FCC slams AT&T and Verizon over zero-rating offers

Harvard Professor Swaps Content For Connections In EdTech Strategy U-Turn

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