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Your Roomba could be selling maps of your home to Google, Amazon, and Apple

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Security - 21 stories
Microchip Implants for Employees? One Company Says Yes

Vitamins, supplements effective at boosting call volume to poison centers

Staging security at the National Theatre

“Perverse” malware infecting hundreds of Macs remained undetected for years

How to get free US military weapons—build fake website and DOD will oblige

TSA: United made false announcement about comic book luggage ban

Cash machine hacked in five minutes

China set to launch an 'unhackable' internet communication

Rehab camp aims to put young cyber-crooks on right track

Trump voting commission wins right to collect state voter data

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Microsoft - 2 stories
Microsoft will save Microsoft Paint, making it a downloadable app

Just How Dead Is Microsoft Paint?

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Hardware - 24 stories
Facebook reportedly building smart speaker with touch screen

HP hopes its new all-in-one PCs are style icons

Fleksy keyboard to get major reboot under ThingThing’s dev team

Huawei's Watch 2 costs $550 more with a Porsche Design logo

TiVo's voice-controlled Bluetooth remote has a Netflix button

HP's desktops get a down-low makeover with new CPUs, webcams

Qualcomm opens its mobile chip deep learning framework to all

Nikon working on next-gen D850 DSLR for its 100th anniversary

Acer adds AMD Ryzen power to budget gaming desktops

The next HoloLens will use AI to recognize real-world objects

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Google - 9 stories
Google expects 11 Daydream-ready phones by the end of 2017

Google SOS Alerts can guide you during a crisis

Android O Dev Preview 4 Debuts New Bugdroid System App Icon

Clock ticking on Google as $2.7 billion fine takes bite out of earnings

Nokia will unveil its first Android flagship next month

For Alphabet, a Record Fine Is Both a Footnote and a Warning

Alphabet, even with record EU fine, remains a money machine

Android O Preview 4 is out—next stop, final release

Galaxy S8 Active ditches the curved display in leaked images

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Apple - 12 stories
Qualcomm: Apple supporters are trying to misdirect regulators

Bounce's Brown Sugar streaming service arrives on Apple TV

The dramatic details of Steve Jobs’ life are playing out in a new opera

Apple Watch Series 3 – Here is what we found so far.

Apple sued by State Farm over alleged iPhone fire

We'll have a pretty good idea of when the iPhone 8 launches after next week

Apple's Siri 'movie' starring the Rock is just another ad

An iPod Shuffle for Spotify is surprisingly essential

Best Buy has the new 9.7-inch iPad for $280 in one-day sale

Apple just dropped iOS 11 beta 4 for developers

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Social - 14 stories
Nielsen counts live Hulu and YouTube TV streams for its ratings

Facebook boosts live 360 video to 4K for better VR

Facebook's latest acquisition is all about fighting video piracy

Vacation home pricing engine Beyond Pricing picks up a startup for nearby comparisons

Amazon’s chat fiction app Rapids ties up with Amazon Studios with launch of ‘Signature Stories’

Netflix was the top grossing app in Q2, with mobile revenue up 233% since last year

Spotify and Warner are ready to make a deal on music royalties

'Partner' Didi Chuxing is freezing Uber out of Southeast Asia

Facebook Chatbots Teaches Itself to become a good negotiator

Is This the Woman Who Will Save Uber?

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Science - 17 stories
A limiting factor on producing electricity in a warming world? Water.

World's first floating offshore wind farm in Scotland.

Move over Netflix, it's time to watch NASA and chill

Mystery UFO sightings in Cornwall have earthly explanation

NASA Wants YOU to Be a Citizen Scientist for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Work starts on a massive underground neutrino experiment

Are we looking at an electric future?

Diet app Lose It introduces DNA-based weight loss plan

Elon Musk’s Mars rocket may be about to lose half of its engines

Hidden water on the moon? Lunar explorers could make a splash

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Miscellany - 20 stories
Ars is hiring—if you’re an experienced product reviewer, we want you!

Elon Musk fires back at Mark Zuckerberg in debate about the future: 'His understanding of the subject is limited'

Algobrix teaches coding with Lego-like bricks

A new deal could end Bitcoin’s long-running civil war

Not fake news: Snopes is in danger of shutting down

MIT-developed plugin makes CAD changes 'instant'

Alexa will now order you a Domino’s pizza in the UK

India says no to driverless cars to protect jobs

Facebook, Twitter, Google warned over EU consumer rights

Giphy's GIF-making tool is now available in your mobile browser

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