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Incredibly rare SNES PlayStation turns up in the wild

Security - 4 stories
French President Denies Julian Assange’s Request for Protection

Plex Forums Breached, Hacker Holding Data for Ransom

Cisco leaves key to all its Unified CDM systems under doormat

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Microsoft - 3 stories
Windows 10 gets its own Minecraft, coming July 29

As Windows 7 breaks the 1B-device mark, Microsoft's challenge will be to force it back to zero

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Hardware - 17 stories
Uh-oh! China slings bloatware sueballs at Samsung and Oppo

Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Tylt Vu Review: The Practical Wireless Charger For Your Smartphone

How Much Energy Does Your iPhone (And Other Devices) Really Use?

OnePlus Sells Out of 'OnePlus Cardboard'

BMW has a hydrogen-powered 5 Series

Blackberry's 'Venice' Android phone leaked! Here's the details...

BlackBerry's up to Android smartphone

Will Your Next Smartwatch Be a Casio?

Build your own lightsaber with modular parts from Kickstarter

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Google - 7 stories
Google FCC filing may point to next version of Google Glass

Blackberry's curved 'Venice' Android phone in leaked image

Android Circuit: New Moto G Leaks, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Revealed, Google Battles Microsoft

Google Cloud Does Genomics: A Copybook Cloud Use Case

The meaning of life, according to Google's chatbot AI

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Apple - 6 stories
iPhone 6S Will Keep Worst iPhone 6 Feature

Apple Is Forcing Ubiquity And Conformity On Consumers

Love Apple's New Radio But Hate The DJs? FreeBeats1 Follows The Music, Not The Talk

Apple Loop: Frustrating iPhone 6S Leak, iOS 8.4's Nasty Surprise, Apple Music Corrupts iTunes

John Sculley On Drawing The Mac Phone For Steve Jobs

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Social - 9 stories
VIDEO: Social start-up gives a helping hand

Reddit apologises after staff sacking

Uber suspends low-cost service in France in the name of safety

Allergic To Change And Profit, Reddit Risks Eating Itself

How Mark Zuckerberg's vision for telepathic communication could work

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Users Still Need A Good Resume

Reddit Moderators Shut Down Parts of Site Over Employee’s Dismissal

Why Facebook, Telepathy Don't Mix

Reddit in uproar after staff sacking

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Miscellany - 13 stories
What's next for Minecraft? Developer Mojang talks future features

Fair Game: Samsung Merger Plan Called Unfair to Some Investors

China nails Samsung and Oppo over smartphone bloatware

Bits Blog: Chiefs of T-Mobile and Sprint Spar on Twitter

Congress Should Protect Intellectual Property Patent Rights

Lawsuit over Samsung phone software

IoT Opportunity Drives IP Grab

10 Ways To Lose Friends And Alienate Coworkers With Bad Mobile Behavior

The Buy Vs. Build Decision: Choose Wrong And Put Your Job At Risk

MasterCard app will let you pay for things with a selfie

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