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Why Net Neutrality Was Repealed and How It Affects You

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Security - 31 stories
Kiss net neutrality goodbye: The FCC just sided with telecom companies

State attorneys general line up to sue FCC over net neutrality repeal

California, Washington, NY take steps after net neutrality vote

Here's how tech's responding to the net neutrality vote

NatWest bank spat prompts web security changes

Netflix, Google and others voice frustration with net neutrality vote

Read the full opinions of FCC commissioners who voted to end net neutrality

Schools warned over hackable heating systems

Game-changing attack on critical infrastructure site causes outage

Locked out

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Microsoft - 7 stories
The next Xbox voice chat app will work on your phone

A new version of Mixer, Microsoft’s Twitch rival, hits iOS and Android

Microsoft quietly snuck an ssh client and server into latest Windows 10 update

Microsoft is using AI to bring nuance to our search results

Microsoft is making subreddits more searchable with Bing

Microsoft's Cortana can now suggest follow-up tasks

Microsoft adds more AI smarts to Office 365

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Hardware - 14 stories
After backlash, animal shelter fires security robot, “effective immediately”

Samsung, Honda sign up for IBM's quantum computing

For $350, this unlocked Moto Z2 Play is a pretty good deal

Alibaba will sell cars with a vehicle vending machine

Amazon to start selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast

Windows 10 Surface rival: Samsung's new Notebook 9 Pen 2-in-1 packs latest i7 chip

Tech Tip: Drawing on the Desktop

Bragi's AI earbuds will recognize the sounds around you

Broadband over 'wet string' tested for fun

Just 20 percent of e-waste is being recycled

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Google - 7 stories
Google now offers discounted tours and activities for bundling vacation packages

Google Assistant now offered on Android tablets

Google Assistant lands on older Android phones

Tech Tip: Moving Notes in Google Keep to Other Programs

DanTDM: 2017's richest YouTuber on responsibility to young fans

Google's top searches for 2017: Matt Lauer, Hurricane Irma and more

'Meghan Markle' and 'fidget spinners' top UK Google search

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Apple - 10 stories
The iMac Pro is now available—here’s how people are already using it

Next year's iPhones will get a huge head start on every Android phone

Apple opens its promised podcast analytics service in beta

Apple Maps hopes to keep you from getting lost at the airport

Everything you need to know about Apple’s GymKit, now out in the US

Apple to give Finisar $390 million to increase TrueDepth camera tech production

Apple releases iOS 11.2.1 to restore limited HomeKit functionality

'Fez Pocket Edition’ is now available on iOS

Apple Releases iOS 11.2.1 Update With HomeKit Remote Sharing Fix

iPhone 8 and X ranked as 2nd and 3rd most searched terms in 2017

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Social - 20 stories
The difference between good and bad Facebooking

Sling TV now streams directly on your 2017 Samsung smart TV

'Flirty secretary' smart assistant taken offline in China

Facebook will try running ads in front of Watch videos

Is Facebook really 'ripping apart' society? | The Knife Media

Snapchat launches augmented reality developer platform Lens Studio

Pandora now lets you search-and-play without having to pay

Twitter says Russians spent ~$1k on six Brexit-related ads

Former Facebook exec: I didn't mean social networking is all bad

Plenty of Fish adds new conversation features to differentiate itself from Tinder

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Science - 17 stories
You can now watch 62 newly declassified nuclear test videos

No, Scientists Haven't Found a 512-Year-Old Greenland Shark

Watch Blue Origin's test dummy experience space tourism

Viruses are the antibiotics of the future

NASA, Google spot eighth planet in solar system rivaling ours

Video: See our full interview with NASA astronaut Victor Glover

Interstellar Visitor Stays Silent: No Signs of Life Yet on 'Oumuamua

Space Is Not a Void

Blue Origin teases rocket factory opening on Space Coast

Electric eels might be the key to powering implantable devices

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Miscellany - 16 stories
Why do tech leaders speak out against Trump so much?

Amazon's Alexa now lets you pay for premium voice apps

Disney Makes $52.4 Billion Deal for 21st Century Fox in Big Bet on Streaming

Target acquires Shipt, will roll out $99/year, same-day delivery

Speedtest shows global internet speeds are up this past year

Computers write new Harry Potter chapter

Bitcoin is failing as a currency

Airbnb makes it easier to list bed and breakfast rooms

T-Mobile promises to end the “complete bulls—t” from TV companies in 2018

Tech We’re Using: Busting the Myths About A.I. Invading Our Lives

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