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Microsoft is making Windows 10 security easier

Security - 23 stories
Australia plans biometric border control

Yahoo sale delayed following security breaches

Original “patent troll” law firm is shutting down

Man who spent $96k in stolen veterans funds on online porn gets prison

IBM Security to buy risk-visualization firm Agile 3 Solutions

Trump taps net neutrality foe Ajit Pai to lead the FCC

US libraries hit by ransomware attack

Cisco's web meeting plugin for Chrome has a whopping flaw

2016's Worst Passwords Are Just As Bad As 2015's (So Please Tell Me Yours Is Not On The List)

One Simple Bug Let This Guy Delete Any Facebook Video

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Microsoft - 18 stories
Microsoft mulls cutting UK datacenter investment amid Brexit concerns

Microsoft Monday: Surface Pro 4 Price Drop, Patent For Phone That Folds And Is Windows 7 Dangerous?

How to create Live Tiles for your Steam games in Windows

Microsoft expands FastTrack migration service

Microsoft tries to expel Chromebooks from schools with Intune app and low-cost PCs

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: What To Expect

New Surface Pro 4 SKU sheds the pen and $100

How to Clean-install Windows without Bloatware

Microsoft revives free Windows 10 upgrade for SMBs

Xbox One gets its first taste of Creators Update features

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Hardware - 34 stories
Hyperloop company to develop its technology in France

This crazy camera could be a boon to VR filmmakers

Samsung said to plan April launch for Galaxy S8

Super-fast camera records light-based 'sonic booms'

Why Did Uber Pilot Driverless Cars In Pittsburgh? Here's Why

Samsung's chips make up for Galaxy Note 7 financial woes

LG G6 photo shows off some rounded corners

Asus' Tinker Board: Can it rival Raspberry Pi?

Persistent Memory Will Revolutionize Computing

DOT designates 10 new U.S. proving grounds for self-driving cars

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Google - 11 stories
Google Voice gets its first big update in five years, adds new UI and features

Virulent Android malware returns, gets >2 million downloads on Google Play

Google X co-founder Yoky Matsuoka returns to Nest

Android Instant Apps begins limited testing

Five Google Lunar XPrize teams confirm they're set for the moon

The first builds of CyanogenMod successor LineageOS are out

​Former Google search chief now rides with Uber

Android Circuit: Samsung Reveals Galaxy S8, New Nokia Sells Out, Deciding On The S8 Launch Date

Google rolls out Instant Tethering for your Android devices

World’s first Google Tango smartphone is launched in India.

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Apple - 9 stories
Apple quashes bugs in iOS, macOS and Safari

Peter Dinklage is afraid of his iPhone

Right to Repair bills introduced in five states

Snapchat’s big redesign, featuring universal search and more, just hit iOS

The next iPhone might be losing this feature

Apple's Full lawsuit against Qualcomm Comes to Light Revealing Secret Licensing Agreements and more

Razer Blade Pro: When Your New MacBook Pro Is Not Enough

Apple's MacBook Pro Touch Bar Vs. Windows Touch Screen: And The Winner Is

Apple Adds to Qualcomm’s Troubles, Filing Lawsuit Over Rebates

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Social - 17 stories
White House adds 'Skype' seats in press briefings

Massive networks of fake accounts found on Twitter

Twitter partners with Dick Clark Productions to live stream more red carpet pre-shows

Bits: Daily Report: Snapchat’s Rules for Reader Trust

Ride Along As LinkedIn Employees Get Some Tips About Publishing On LinkedIn

White House Comments Line says try Facebook Messenger

Tidal, Jay Z’s Streaming Service, Sells a Stake to Sprint

Johnny Manziel offers Trump wise advice about Twitter

Sprint to buy a third of Jay Z's music streaming service Tidal

Snapchat Discover Takes a Hard Line on Misleading and Explicit Images

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Science - 34 stories
The USA’s newest weather satellite sends first photos.

CDC abruptly cancels conference on health effects of climate change [Updated]

We are living in the debris field of an ancient asteroid collision

The hell of Apollo 1: Pure oxygen, a single spark, and death in 17 seconds

How Much Scientific Research Is Wasted?

TV from the sun

Paleontologists Discover Traces Of 80-Million-Year-Old Collagen In A Dinosaur Bone

Google announces the five Lunar Xprize finalists

Scientists Discover Prehistoric Giant Otter Species In China

Asteroid Mining: The Next Grand Venture Of Tiny Luxembourg

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Miscellany - 37 stories
These are the most lucrative jobs in the U.S.

OracleVoice: The 4 Greatest Startups Of All Time

Yahoo (YHOO) Beats on Earnings in Q4, Delays Verizon Deal

Verizon stays mum on Yahoo as customer growth rebounds

Ask The Times: ‘Where Does Cloud Storage Really Reside? And Is It Secure?’

Welcome to the world of trolling in virtual reality

No kidding! Amazon's Alexa no longer tells Trump jokes

If Containers Are The New VMs, Hyper Aims To Be The New IaaS

Samsung records highest profit jump in 3 years

Live Out Your 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Dreams With Amazon Echo Update

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