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A quadriplegic's challenge: Make me a touch-free phone

Security - 8 stories
The internet apocalypse map hides the major vulnerability that created it

Webcams used to attack Reddit and Twitter recalled

WikiLeaks says it doesn’t collaborate with states

Linux exploit gives any user full access in five seconds

Using Rowhammer bitflips to root Android phones is now a thing

Chinese firm admits its hacked products were behind Friday's DDOS attack

A New Era of Internet Attacks Powered by Everyday Devices

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Microsoft - 6 stories
Microsoft plans Brexit-fueled price hike in UK

Microsoft's Surface PC event: what to expect

How to repair Windows 10's Master Boot Record

Microsoft Can Now Talk Better Than Humans And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Facebook's Messenger app for Windows 10 now does calls

Microsoft drafts NFL stars to defend Surface

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Hardware - 15 stories
New Way to Read Data on Ulta Hard Drives

The real-world uses for virtual reality

The Galaxy C9 Pro Samsung Smartphone Has 6GB RAM

Computer Speakers – Good, Better & Best

Here's The One Thing That Could Make Or Break The Nintendo Switch

Inside Meizu: How The Rising Chinese Smartphone Company Is Looking To Tackle The West

Yes, Galaxy Note 8 will still arrive in 2017

Note 7 debacle forces Samsung to offer next-gen discounts in Korea

Cause of Galaxy Note 7 overheating reportedly still a mystery

Five Questions That Could Potentially Sink The Nintendo Switch

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Google - 3 stories
Code Clues Show HTC's Involvement In Google Pixel

Google doodle honors van Leeuwenhoek, father of microbiology

Polar M600 Review: When Your Fitness Answer Is Android

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Apple - 5 stories
Apple Watch still ahead as smartwatch sales decline

Happy Birthday, iPod: Apple's iconic MP3 player turns 15

Apple: Nearly 90% Of 'Genuine' iPhone Chargers On Amazon Are Counterfeit

2016 MacBook Pro: Release date, features and price details leaked ahead of Oct. 27 event; Where to watch it live

Yes, your 32GB iPhone 7's storage is slower, but here's why it doesn't matter

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Social - 5 stories
AT&T's massive Time Warner deal stirs up social media

Facebook expands Safety Center to 50 languages, doubles down on bullies with 60 partners

What Facebook Could Teach Twitter About Building A Business

Amazon Echo now fact-checks politicians

Facebook censored a cartoon breast cancer awareness campaign

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Science - 17 stories
'Hidden Figures' film: NASA's female math geeks get their due

Amazing Galaxy Cluster Collisions Reveal Dark Matter Separated From X-Rays

Elon Musk's Mars colony would have a horde of mining robots

Elon Musk on 'Mars Base Alpha;' plan to test huge fuel tank for the trip

The Four Presidential Nominees On Energy And Science

Researchers Take First Steps Toward A Preventative Alzheimer's Pill

Elon Musk is about to test the 'trickiest' part of his Mars spaceship — a giant, potentially explosive black orb

Planet nine might be pulling our solar system out of alignment

The next President will take power with significant space decisions looming

Ask Ethan: Could The Universe Be A Simulation?

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Miscellany - 22 stories
The 16 chains with the best free Wi-Fi, ranked

For the disability community, tech is the great equalizer

Samsung is hoping to rekindle Note brand name next year

AT&T, Time Warner deal under scrutiny from politicians, consumer groups

There's More To Workplace Diversity Than Hiring 'Enough' Women

OracleVoice: How Marketers Can Target Individuals Amid A Haystack Of Access Points

Panasonic's home of the future will blow your mind

Swift Opposition to Resurrection of AT&T Giant

Online Lenders Seek to Shape Industry Before Regulators Do

Don't Mess With My Mind!

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