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Elon Musk reveals SpaceX spacesuit

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Security - 20 stories
State of the Art: A Hunt for Ways to Combat Online Radicalization

Email prank 'tricks' Breitbart editors

Identity fraud hits 'epidemic levels'

How the feds stopped a Porsche-driving trademark fraudster

Stop hiding 47,000 net neutrality complaints, advocates tell FCC chair

Unable to get a domain, racist Daily Stormer retreats to the Dark Web

Suppliers and retailers will use blockchain to keep food fresh

Another staged body cam leads to 43 more dropped Baltimore prosecutions

Driver’s license facial recognition tech leads to 4,000 New York arrests

DOJ gives up on getting all 1.3M IPs from anti-Trump website

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Microsoft - 5 stories
Speed up Windows 10: Tips for a faster PC

Microsoft built a hardware platform for real-time AI

Microsoft announces Age of Empires IV

Microsoft to remove full ReFS support from Windows 10 Pro, push Workstation SKU

Tech Tip: Expanding the Windows Start Menu

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Hardware - 22 stories
HP's Omen X is a monstrous, customizable gaming laptop

Pepper's new job is performing Buddhist funeral ceremonies

Watch the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked 2017 live stream right here

Alexa’s mood-matching music suggestions come to the UK

Intel shows off a mysterious and attractive black Surface Book

Dell Inspiron 3650

MIT makes it easy for beginners to design robots

Royal Mail's new electric vans unveiled

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro – Perfect for the School and Play.

Fujitsu quits phone business, report says

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Google - 12 stories
VMware partners with Google to manage Chrome devices

Google and Walmart Partner With Eye on Amazon

Oreo has a game-changing Android feature, but you won't even realize it's there

Google releases Oreo, the next version of Android

Google may be readying its own smart headphones

The timing is perfect for a new Chromebook Pixel

So, when will your device actually get Android Oreo?

Android Oreo vs iOS 11: What’s different and what’s the same?

Meet Android Oreo’s all-new emoji

Spyware backdoor prompts Google to pull 500 apps with >100m downloads

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Apple - 7 stories
How the Apple Car turned into an Apple Shuttle Bus

Mac virtualization: Parallels and VMware want you to buy new versions

AccuWeather’s iPhone app may track you even if you opt out

You may want to unlock the iPhone 8 with your face, not finger

Vudu comes to Apple TV, but you can't buy on the box

Apple just shared iOS 11 beta 7 to developers

Apple's 'hidden' job ad found online

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Social - 20 stories
Twitter hashtags are 10 years old

YouTube 'made wrong call' on Syria videos

LinkedIn opens video uploads to all as part of a bigger video push

Hulu will soon merge its two iOS apps into one

Woman: My Uber driver went wrong way, I said something, he pushed me out

New Godzilla movie promises a radically different direction for the original kaiju

Jerry Seinfeld's first Netflix comedy special debuts next month

Eclipse overshadows everything else on Twitter

WhatsApp borrows Facebook's colorful status updates

Comcast tries using Roku to hook college kids on cable

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Science - 16 stories
Will eye damage follow the Great American Eclipse?

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Honored by 'Makers' as Trailblazing Woman in Space (Video)

Satellites that can image Earth at night, and through clouds, near launch

When it comes to controversial science, a little knowledge is a problem

How tech helped blind students 'watch' the solar eclipse

See the sun return to Antarctica after months of darkness

Super-powered bacteria can harness light for fuels and plastics

The solar eclipse produced some fantastic photos—here are our favorites

Swiftly-falling snowstorms may fall at night on Mars

Walking through space in NASA's Virtual Reality Lab

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Miscellany - 17 stories
Uber drivers have made more than $50M in the first month of tipping

Amazon's new education tool helps students become better writers

Tasman Glacier lit up to remind us how beautiful nature is

Cord cutter deal alert: Get a free three-month trial of Plex Pass

How to stop female doctors from dropping out in Pakistan

iOS 11 vs. Android Oreo: Who's winning so far?

Samsung unlocks Bixby voice app for more countries

Tales of an IT professional sailing around the Antarctic loop

You can buy Nintendo games with Paypal now

Samsung Connect Home will get a web-based interface in the future

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